One frame from Lesa and George’s wedding

We have spent a lot of time overseas in the last two years. Coming back to New Zealand and travelling around the country to photograph so many amazing weddings really reminds me why we actually come back. The landscape is stunning and the people are lovely. But mostly I love being able to wonder around in fields without having to worry about snakes.


Napier wedding photographers


I took this shot at Lesa and George’s wedding in Napier. Highlights included Lesa forgetting to bring a certain important document to the ceremony and George out-dancing everyone. There is some great stuff to come from this wedding.


Canary and Sebastian | Preview Slideshow


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Photos by Tim and Nadine






Pukehiki Wedding | Erica and Jesse

I have only ever been to Dunedin to photograph weddings, so maybe my perspective is a bit distorted, but I find the city and the surrounding area a little bit charming. The landscape, tattooed with old stone walls, hedges, and old ruins, reminds me of somewhere in Scotland.


Erica and Jesse decided to have their wedding just outside Dunedin City on the top of the ridge that runs along the Otago Peninsula. The Ceremony was at the Pukehiki Community Church and the reception was at the Pukehiki District Hall. This wedding was full of colour, handmade awesomeness, very happy people, and crazy group dancing. So yeah, I still have a pretty idealistic view of Dunedin. Below follows a photographic account of Erica and Jesse’s kick ass wedding.


01 Otago Peninsula at Sunset04 Otago Peninsula landscape02 Otago Peninsula dirt road03 Otago abandoned house05 Dior wedding perfume06 wedding necklace07 wedding wreath08 109 skipping11 211 313 11315 Wedding flowers16 Dunedin Bride202122 222 3222340 Wedding bus41 bus bunting42 Wedding Bus Dunedin45 Wedding picnic basket46 Wedding picnic basket47 Wedding picnic48 Wedding picnic49 Wedding picnic63Wedding party forrest photos 02Wedding party forrest photos 0462Wedding party forrest photos657071727576777879158 Pukehiki Church Wedding81 Mr whippy wedding ice cream82 Mr whippy wedding ice cream8401 Otago Peninsula at Sunset 21638789909192 1102Otago wedding photographer9394104114119 Pukehiki Hall Wedding115120132122121133 Vintage wedding plate130131103100144154156157143149142153Hire wedding bus


I was actually very grateful that the weather turned in the evening. The contrast between the freezing windy landscape outside and the warmth and cheer inside was fantastic. The bad weather did mean that our flight back to Wellington was very very bumpy, but it was well worth it.


Photos by Tim and Nadine



Daniel Ha - Dang, this is one cool wedding. Love the wedding party. Wow.

Darren Gair - WOW… these are stunning, looked like an amazing day to be a part of.

brett - such an awesome wedding and you absolutely nailed it, man. seriously a fine set of images. the post processing is spot on. love it.

Natalie Champa Jennings - Gah! Tim, these are stellar. There’s a shot in the middle with just a lock of her hair in focus. Love it.

Jessica Schilling - Stunning. All of it.

Jouni - Wow! What a place to be! I really love your tones. Very very good!

alexbee - this location made my heart skip a beat!! Greatly seen!!

Bec - amazing. I love the location, and that bride is absolutely stunning. rnLove the style of the wedding, grooms green suit jacket? awesome.

Roselyn Ismael-Bennett - Wow, what a beautiful place to hold a wedding! These images are stunning!

Jonathan David - This is just too stunning! Amazing locations and perfect coverage! Love it all!

Tracy Morter - I love these! The pictures of Erica and jesse where they’ve run off together in the wind are really special indeed.

Stefanie - all of this awesome!

ayesha - oh my gosh. her with those red curls tumbling in the wind, amid that deep green and the mossy ruined stones… feels like such a dream! that woodland portrait of the bride looks like a pre-raphaelite painting. yeah i’m kinda in love with this set of photos. everything about this wedding is so beautiful it kind of hurts (generally how i feel when things remind me of scotland haha.)

Tomasz Wagner - Man, what a stunning couple and location! I don’t often say this about ‘detail shots’ but I really enjoyed yours. Those shots in the hills though – stunning, brother.

Candy Capco - Amazing guys! Seriously beautiful!!!

Jax - Freaken AMAZING!!!!

Lesa and George | Preview Slideshow


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Photos by Tim and Nadine