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Photos by Tim and Nadine



Yesterday’s rainy day Wellington Wedding

Wellington Wedding Photography


Here is one frame from Megan and Jarred’s wedding yesterday. It rained pretty solidly for most of the day. We had planned to take some photos out in Seatoun after the ceremony. When it was time to head out it was still raining. But Megan and Jarred were pretty confident so we jumped in the cars and with window wipers squealing we headed out to Seatoun.


Somehow by the time we had got there the rain had stopped.  And then just as we were leaving the fog rolled in.




Megan Baker - Thanks Tim and Nadine, you guys were amazing! We’re so excited to see the rest :)

Windswept coastline Wellington wedding

Back in 2012, Nadine and I packed our bags and got on a plane headed to the Netherlands. We were escaping Wellington’s winter to photograph Delle and Nick’s summer wedding in Amsterdam.


We were lucky enough to spend time before the wedding with Delle and Nick’s friends and family. That is where we met Delle’s brother Miles and his partner Ellie and instantly bonded over our mutual love of hamburgers. Miles and Ellie told us of a semi-mythical sometimes-open burger caravan in Wellington, which was said to sell the best burgers in the world – Ekim Burgers. We agreed to try one of these burgers with them when we were back in the country.


Back in New Zealand, over one of the best burgers in the world, Miles and Ellie asked us to photograph their wedding.


The plans for the wedding had to change a bit thanks to earthquakes and pink stickered wedding venues. In the end they moved the wedding to one of the best and most physically isolated Wellington wedding venues, Pencarrow lodge. The landscape out there is just a little bit epic. That evening a big swell from the south rolled in creating some stunning surf. You could hear the roar of the waves from up at the lodge all evening, until the dancing started.


02 Wellington coastline05 Wine barrelPencarrow lodge Wellington01 Stag head pencarrow lodgeGetting ready 1Getting ready 2Getting ready 3Getting ready 5 1Getting ready 6Getting ready 704 Bus on dirt roadSheep on the road to pencarrowGroom waitingBus to Pencarroweastbourne vintage carsGroom waiting 1Bride07 Pencarrow lodge wedding10 Pencarrow lodge wedding11 Pencarrow lodge wedding14 Pencarrow lodge wedding15 Pencarrow lodge wedding16 Kiss Pencarrowjpg17 Kiss Pencarrowjpg18 Pencarrow lodge wedding19 Pencarrow lodge wedding22 Pencarrow lodge wedding23 Pencarrow lodge weddingDelle and Nick24 Pencarrow lodge wedding26 Pencarrow lodge weddingGroup photos at Pencarrow lodge29 Pencarrow lodge weddingThe road to Pencarrow31 Pencarrow lodge wedding32 Pencarrow lodge wedding33 1 Pencarrow lodge wedding33 Pencarrow lodge wedding34 Pencarrow lodge wedding35 Wellington Wedding Photographer36 Wellington Wedding Photographer37 Pencarrow surf38 Pencarrow surf39 Pencarrow surfWellington Wedding Photography41 Pencarrow lodge wedding43 Pencarrow lodge wedding44 Pencarrow lodge wedding45 Pencarrow lodge wedding46 1 Pencarrow lodge wedding46 Pencarrow lodge wedding47 Pencarrow lodge wedding48 Pencarrow lodge wedding49 Pencarrow lodge weddingReception Dancing 1Dancing 2Reception Dancing 2DancingReception Dancing 4Reception Dancing 7Reception Dancing 6Late night bus after the wedding 2Late night bus after the wedding


You can check out the photos from Delle and Nick’s wedding in Amsterdam back in 2012 here.


Venue – Pencarrow Lodge –

Dress – Sally Eagle –

Rings – Brian Barrett –

Hair and make-up – Hil Cooke – www.hilcook

Flowers – Flowers Manuela –



Photos by Tim and Nadine




Danny - Dude… really you’re just awesome. Thank you for sharing these. I love them they are great and I don’t even know these people.

damian burcher - Love the tones on your black and whites. The shot of them small in the frame walking along the cliff road is epic.

Gabby T - Beautiful frames Tim! Esp the ones by the beach

Will Kim - great coverage! love the moments you captured!

Benj Haisch - so jealous. that’s an epic location. rad photos too!

John Bello - So many emotions, beautifully captured! So good!

naomi - aaaah. wow wow wow. this image is pretty perfect in my mind

Douglas Pettway - So in love with those sunset portraits and that location.

Rachelle - These are all wonderful, but my favorite shot is the one of the officiant blessing them. Such a simple shot but so beautiful.

Joe - 1) I am convinced that the deer head looked straight through my screen and into my soul.

2) Beautiful photos! :)

Bryan Dale - Rad location. Love the emotion you captured.

small - Gorgeous portraits! Very lovely wedding!

Thomas Steibl - wow. what an epic location & you did a phenomenal job telling their story!

seth goodman - Great coverage! You captured so many wonderful moments here.

Roman - Really nice Work! Love the colors of the golden lawn.

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Preview slideshow | Danielle and Luke


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Photos by Tim and Nadine



Alleyways of Hong Kong

We went to Hong Kong for the first time back in 2012. Nadine and I both really love that city. While I was busy playing with old film cameras, taking photos of men, and photos of dog rescues, Nadine was shooting in Hong Kong’s endless alleys.


When we got back to New Zealand, we were straight back into photographing lots of beautiful weddings. Once we had finished the wedding season in New Zealand we headed back overseas again in 2013. With all this busyness we almost forgot about these images Nadine took in the alleyways of Hong Kong.


Ok now for the nerdy side of things. There are 10 photos in this collection. Of these photos, 9 were taken on the Canon 24mm f1.4 L lens and only one was taken on the Canon 35mm f1.4 L lens. All of these photos were taken on full frame canon cameras.


Can you guess which single photo was taken on the 35mm lens? The difference is subtle and tricky to spot, but there is a difference.  If you can tell, let me know in the comment section below.


If you need some help comparing the different looks of the 24mm and 35mm, check out this post which has some examples of the 24mm and 35mm in action.




Photos and processing by Nadine.


Rebecca - No. 2 is my pick for the 35mm. Am I right?

7777 - Spent my life in these alleyways doing various odd things but thank you for reminding me of how much they are integral part of why I love HK.

Zoe and Simon | Preview Slideshow


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One frame from the forest

Otaki Wedding Photographer


One of the best things about our job is that we get to meet lots of really lovely people and spend time with them when they are really happy. Danielle and Luke are really lovely people and were so nice to us. Throughout the day they kept checking that we had enough to eat and drink. They kept insisting that we sit down, eat some food, get a drink, and take lots of cake back home to Wellington with us.


Here is one frame from Danielle and Luke’s wedding on Saturday.


Damian Burcher - Great dramatic portrait.

Jessie - That is hauntingly beautiful!

brett - incredible frame

Matt - Lovely frame Tim

Jessica Schilling - beautiful, dramatic, and surreal. I love it!

Candy - You just have so much talent. This is beautiful. Love, love!

/mariahedengren - awesome.

rahul - simply stunning.

ALMA // - Woooaahahhh!!!

Paul Nguyen - Such a moody photo!

Fete Photography - Magical, love how she fits in the scene so well.

small - gorgeous!

caroline - love the moodiness of this, man.

Emily Roper - OK, this is amazing… love the tones of your B&W shots!

Heather Kanillopoolos - LOVE the moody tones here.