Sunny wedding in Otaki

Milk Station Otaki Wedding_


For the past few day I’ve had ‘ice ice baby’ stuck in my head. These two were partly responsible.


Megan - Re: Sunny wedding in Otaki

Hi there,

I wondered if I could be a bit cheeky and find out please where the location of your ‘sunny wedding in Otaki’ image was taken?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Megan

Summer in Nelson

Nelson Wedding Photographer-1


We photographed a fantastic wedding in Nelson last weekend. We were scheduled to take photos of Janine and Chris around Ruby Bay at midday. Midday sun has been the enemy of all photographers since the dawn of photography and Nelson is famous for it’s long hot cloudless sunny days.


We got really lucky and the morning of the wedding day was overcast. The cloud burnt off before we had finished taking photos, but we got a solid amount of time with cloud cover. This shot was taken just as the cloud cover was starting to disappear.


That time Nadine almost died in Dunedin

Dunedin Wedding Photographer-1


So… Nadine almost fell off this. I was walking the other way (to get this shot) and saw none of this happen. Just to be clear, we had agreed at the start of the shoot not to go anywhere near the edge and to stay only on the grass.


After I left Nadine decided to walk down on the muddy part right by the edge to get a better angle – just below and slightly to the left of the couple. She then slipped over. As it turns out the slippery muddy surface is also on a slope downward towards the edge. Each time Nadine tried to get up she slid a little closer to the edge. Somehow she didn’t go over.


I had no idea any of this had happened. On the walk back to the car I noticed Nadine was covered in mud. When I ask she said ‘oh I just slipped over’. Luckily Radhika and Wade witnessed it all otherwise I don’t think Nadine would have told me.



Dunedin Wedding

Dunedin wedding photographer-1


Running between the waves, we almost got caught by the rising tide. This was all before the ceremony.


Thank you Dunedin for being your rainy, overcast, rough seas, foggy, moody self.