This is why wedding photos at sunset are gold

Wellington wedding Photographer-1


One of the thing that I took for granted, as a photographer in New Zealand, was how long our sunsets are here. Much of the world only has very short sunset compared to New Zealand. Photographers shooting weddings down here have the luxury of long golden hours. Climb to the top of a mountain and it gets even better. As you head further South down the country the sunsets get later and longer too. There is a significant difference in the time the sun sets between Auckland, Wellington, and Queenstown especially in Summer.


Sunset light is not just about epic sunset photos, the light is just so much easier to work with at that time. We took this frame of Lydia and Alexandre half way up a volcano at sunset.



WPPI Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of 2016




Wait… WTF just happened? This doesn’t quite feel real. But somehow here we are, amongst the best in the world. Wow. Weird.


Just getting nominated was a huge honour, that was enough for us. To have our work looked at alongside the most talented photographers in the world was super exciting. We were sure we wouldn’t get selected.


We were travelling for weddings when we got the news that we had been nominated. We weren’t going home before we needed to make our submission, so we did it all on the road between weddings. We didn’t have access to our full collection of images either. We were editing jpgs (gross).


And then it happened. And we don’t really know what to say.


Huge thanks to all our amazing couples. We couldn’t have done it without you trusting us, letting us be ourselves (with all the weirdness that entails), and being open to going a little outside the box with your wedding photos. You guys are so damn awesome.


So here are some of the images that got us a spot among Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography.



Amy and Rich


Wellington city weddings are dope.


Wellington city wedding-1-2Wellington city wedding-1-3Wellington city wedding-2Wellington city wedding-3Wellington city wedding-4Wellington city wedding-5Wellington city wedding-6Wellington city wedding-7Wellington city wedding-8Wellington city wedding-9Wellington city wedding-10Wellington city wedding-11Wellington city wedding-12Wellington city wedding-13Wellington city wedding-14Wellington city wedding-15Wellington city wedding-16Wellington city wedding-17Wellington city wedding-18Wellington city wedding-19Wellington city wedding-20Wellington city wedding-21Wellington city wedding-22Wellington city wedding-23Wellington city wedding-24Wellington city wedding-25Wellington city wedding-26Wellington city wedding-27Wellington city wedding-28Wellington city wedding-29Wellington city wedding-30Wellington city wedding-31Wellington city wedding-32Wellington city wedding-33Wellington city wedding-34Wellington city wedding-35Wellington city wedding-36Wellington city wedding-37Wellington city wedding-38Wellington city wedding-39Wellington city wedding-40Wellington city wedding-41Wellington city wedding-42Wellington city wedding-43Wellington city wedding-44Wellington city wedding-45Wellington city wedding-46Wellington city wedding-47Wellington city wedding-48Wellington city wedding-49Wellington city wedding-50Wellington city wedding-51Wellington city wedding-52Wellington city wedding-53Wellington city wedding-54Wellington city wedding-55Wellington city wedding-56Wellington city wedding-57Wellington city wedding-58Wellington city wedding-59Wellington city wedding-60Wellington city wedding-61Wellington city wedding-62Wellington city wedding-63Wellington city wedding-64Wellington city wedding-65Wellington city wedding-66Wellington city wedding-67Wellington city wedding-68Wellington city wedding-69Wellington city wedding-70Wellington city wedding-71Wellington city wedding-72Wellington city wedding-73Wellington city wedding-74Wellington city wedding-75Wellington city wedding-76Wellington city wedding-77Wellington city wedding-78Wellington city wedding-79Wellington city wedding-80Wellington city wedding-81Wellington city wedding-82Wellington city wedding-83Wellington city wedding-84Wellington city wedding-85Wellington city wedding-86Wellington city wedding-87Wellington city wedding-88Wellington city wedding-89Wellington city wedding-90Wellington city wedding-91Wellington city wedding-92Wellington city wedding-93Wellington city wedding-94



Melissa Mills - Guys, holy hell, this is amazing!! Your work is just awesome. I’m picking my jaw up from the floor.

So good.

Hope to meet you guys one time soon.

Melissa xxx

Joel Davies - Such great style you two. Absolutely love it.