Amy and Rich


Wellington city weddings are dope.


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Melissa Mills - Guys, holy hell, this is amazing!! Your work is just awesome. I’m picking my jaw up from the floor.

So good.

Hope to meet you guys one time soon.

Melissa xxx

In Good Company Wedding

In Good Company Wedding-2-5


In Good Company is one of the coolest little spots in Wellington. During the day it is a cool coworking space for freelances and entrepreneurs. Amy used this space to get ready on the morning of her wedding. Wooden floors and white walls as so good for photography.


Wellington alleyways

Wellington City Wedding-1


Before we photograph a wedding, we go on a little adventure looking for some cool locations for portraits. We were looking forward to taking some frames in front of this wall in Wellington City. However, on the wedding day a fence had been put in front of the wall and it was all blocked off. We found a way in and took a few frames.