Sara and Jordan | Kawau Island, New Zealand

A week long camping wedding on an Island. Yep, this was good… and all the guests jumped into the ocean fully clothed. Can’t ask for much more really.


01 Kawau Island Ferry02 Swimming on Kawau Island03 Wharf jump Kawau Island04 Camp Bentzon Kawai Island05 Kawau Island Wedding Decorating06 Tree decorating outdoor wedding07 Kawau Island Tree Decorating08 Tree decorating outdoor wedding09 Seagull and Sky Kawau Island10 Kawau Island Wedding Getting Ready11 Camp Bentzon Wedding Getting Ready12 Camp Bentzon Wedding Getting Ready13 Camp Bentzon Wedding Getting Ready14 Kawau Island Wedding Floral Crown15 Wedding Tree Decorations16 Camp Bentzon Wedding Ceremony17 Camp Bentzon Wedding Ceremony18 Camp Bentzon Wedding Ceremony19 Wedding Ceremony under tree20 Wedding Ceremony under tree21 Wedding Ceremony under tree22 Wedding Ceremony under tree23 Kawau Island Wedding24 Kawau Island Wedding Photography25 Kawau Island Wedding Photography - insert other version26 Kawau Island Wedding Photography27 Tree Ceremony Kawau Island28 Whimsical tree wedding29 Outdoor ceremonies New Zealand30 Outdoor ceremonies New Zealand31 Hipster Wedding32 Wedding Picnic33 Tree Wedding New Zealand34 Tree Wedding New Zealand35 Trees36 Kawau Island Wedding Photographers37 Kawau Island Wedding Photographers38 Hipster Wedding39 Boho Bride Wedding Photographers40 Kawau Island Wedding Photographers41 Boho Bride Wedding Photographers42 Boho Wedding Photographer43 Boho Wedding Photographer44 Kawau Island Wedding Photographer45 Kawau Island Wedding Photographer46 Kawau Island Wedding Photographer47 Kawau Island Wedding48 Kawau Island Wedding Photos49 Kawau Island Wharf Wedding50 Alternative Wedding New Zealand51 Hipster Wedding New Zealand52 swimming in wedding dress53 Alternative Weddings54 Alterntive wedding photography55 Alternative Wedding Photography56 Kawau Island Wedding Photography57 Kawau Island Camp Bentzon58 Kawau Island Wedding59 Kawau Island Wharf60 Wharf jump swim61 Sunset Swimming Kawau Island62 Sunset Swimming Kawau Island63 Kawau Island Wedding Photos64 Kawau Island Wedding Photos65 Kawau Island Camp Wedding66 Kawau Island Camp Wedding67 Sunset at Kawau Island68 Outdoor wedding reception New Zealand69 Wedding Speeches Kawau Island70 Wedding Speeches Kawau Island71 Wedding drinks72 Outside wedding dance floor73 Outside wedding dance floor74 dancing photos light trails75 Kawau Island Wedding Dancing76 Kawau Island Wedding Dancing77 Outside dance floor78 Photography light trails79 Kawau Island Wedding photography80 Outdoor wedding reception New Zealand81 Nightime Wedding Photography82 Outside dance floor New Zealand



Serge ~ Aruba - Another masterpiece! Love the flow of storytelling. Gorgeous!

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