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Rhiain and Tim asked us to take some photos of them on their anniversary. So this was what happened on a windy summer’s evening.



Makara Wellington 04

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Photos by Tim and Nadine



Paul Von Rieter - dude, I am seriously in love with the mood and the warmth of these images. Also the contrasting colors in the dress and the shirt and the scenery are so perfect. love it.

Amanda Basteen - These are So good! Love the tones!

Jessica - Oh my gosh those colors!!!! Drooling.

Len - I love everything about these, the couple are adorable, the light is gorgeous, your composition spot on, just everything is amazeballs.

John Bello - These shots are so well done. I love the light and compositions!

ayesha - gosssshhhh perfection. the fading light, the wind and movement, the tones and colors, the sweetness of their hands together as they hike. so good!!!


Jennifer - These are wonderful! More people should take a breezy anniversary hike in boysenberry frocks. Love the warmth and simplicity.

Veronica Varos - Such lovely work. I love all of the movement from the wind!

Courtney - nice dedication to following their movement. the set looks like a hell of a romantic date that you just happened to be present for. the couple is so well styled, too :-)

Tomasz Wagner - Digging the location you’ve chosen and the way you have Rhiain and Tim interacting with it. Beautiful job, Tim!

Becca Dilley - Great series – a lot of those would stand up on their own (as a large print in a living room, maybe), but they also just make a lovely set.

Sacha Olson - These photos are AMAZING!!! Love you guys!

Reportaż ślubny Warszawa - Gorgeous work!

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