Two Thousand and Thirteen


I get a bit reflective at the end of the year. Back at the start of the year we decided that we wanted to feel ‘alive’ more often. We wanted to push our boundaries, both photographically and in our lives more generally. In the end we spent almost six months overseas, met lots of amazing people, ate lots of amazing food, ate chewed on pigs nipple, got sick, got better, photographed amazing weddings, spent time with lots of great photographers, learnt new things, taught English, didn’t get enough sleep, slept in strange places, made big decisions, made promises, and definitely felt more alive. Here is a collection of frames from that year, 2013.


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Photos by Tim and Nadine



lisa lacroix - I love your wrap up post!!! Your use of light and space are amazing. I am totally inspired!

Kelsie Taylor - lovely – all of them! i love the consistency in style and mood with your photographs, you can really see who you are as a photographer.

Paul Von Rieter - Straight up visual excellence. There is no other way to put it.

Jared Tseng - Lots of seriously epic things happening here!

oli - Yeah, so this is one of the best 2013 posts ive seen, mofo.

Brian - So many beautiful frames. These are really awesome. That wedding dress shot near the bottom is baller.

heather nan - Incredible imagery! So easy to enjoy and stand in awe… Loved your words too. Congrats on 2013!

Brian Kraft - Hells yeah! Amazing stuff right there!

Kat Forsyth - Simply fab! My favourites are the mountainside portraits – stunning! But your whole 2013 looked fantastic!

Heather Elizabeth - 2013 treated you very well. Amazing stuff right here. Cheers!

caroline - wow, tim. truth be told this is the first time i’ve stumbled upon your work and have to say that i am truly blown away. every single frame- ART. so many favorites but this one stood out for me:

Teresa K - What a great year!! You really had an amazing 2013…I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you.

Cathrin - Aww love the photos! Especially the ones with Rhi!!

Tomasz Wagner - I truthfully enjoyed every moment of this one. Amazing work, brother!

Natalie Champa Jennings - Tim, Tim, Tim! I really enjoyed spending some time on this collection. You have an incredible eye for beauty and light. I particularly pondered and enjoyed the b&w image of a man beneath a street lamp. Gorgeous. Hope 2014 is just as magical for you!

PJ - Amazing year Tim!

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